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Which skills should a data scientist have?

As the role of data and analytics is expanding very rapidly in creating new business models or changing existing ones, demand for analytics professionals is growing at an increasing rate. The world has witnessed an explosion in the number of people describing themselves as Data Scientists. However, required skills to be a data scientist is still a confusion, which has resulted in a chaotic market that is confusing to employers, academic and training institutions, recruiters, managers, customers, and candidates. In order to address this, a research study has been initiated at global scale by IADSS (Initiative for Analytics and Data Science Standards) Research aims to gain insights about the analytics profession in the industry and help support the development of standards regarding analytics role definitions, required skills and career advancement paths. This will help set some industry standards which in turn could support the healthy growth of the analytics market. Here is an initial insight from IADSS survey showing skill sets a data scientist should have.

Establishing Data Science Industry Standards: Proposed Standards on Definitions of Analytics Roles, Skill-sets and Career Paths in the Data Science Industry

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