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Research at IADSS

Global Scale Effort to Understand Data Science and Analytics Roles, Skills and Organizational Structures

IADSS launched a global scale research effort that aims to gain insight about the data science and analytics profession in the industry and help support the development of standardized role definitions, required skills and career advancement paths. We believe this will help set industry standards which in turn could support the healthy growth of the market and professional landscape.
Our initial work ranges from the most comprehensive to-date primary research targeting data science practitioners and executives to secondary data sources such as Linkedin and job postings. Our first survey reached out to several hundred professionals globally through in-depth interviews and a detailed questionnaire. We aim to regularly publish our findings and recommendations for standards. We also have active surveys and would love to have your input.

First Research Paper Published at Harvard Data Science Review

We published an article at Harvard Data Science Review, our first in a series of work to present IADSS Knowledge Framework for Data Science and Analytics and map skills to most common industry roles. Our foundational body of knowledge in this article can support both industry and academia, as a reference in designing data science curricula as well as in developing measurement and assessment tools.

Active Surveys

We are conducting our research on data science and analytics training ranging from bootcamps to 4-year degree programs, where we are surveying educators and new graduates to understand the supply and demand side of the industry. Both surveys are currently active and if you are an educator or a recent student, we ask you to fill out one of our surveys.

Data Science & Analytics Industry Survey For Data Science Professionals and Recent Graduates

Initiative for Analytics and Data Science (IADSS) was established with a deceptively simple question in mind: Who is a data scientist? With its first research project IADSS spearheaded a dialogue on the vast array of skills associated with data science and analytics, offering a standardized knowledge framework. As the demand for data science talent has exploded so have the efforts to train data scientists. This survey aims to understand the professional development practices in data science and the experience of data science professionals in learning and career progression.

Data Science & Analytics Education Programs Survey for Program Directors and Designers

As the demand for data science talent has exploded so have the efforts to train data scientists. Programs for Data Science education vary widely in format, what they target, and what they emphasize in training, ranging from short online courses to full-time undergraduate and graduate degree programs. As there is not yet an agreed-upon definition of who data scientists are and which skills and knowledge they need to have, designing training programs or developing curricula remains challenging. This survey intends to map curricula of a variety of training and education programs on data science to a standardized list of topics and subjects as defined by IADSS Knowledge Framework.

Educational Programs Map

3,000+ global educational and training programs for data science and analytics

By default, only Core Programs are shown, those focused directly on data and analysis. To see all programs—ranging from biostatistics to machine intelligence—select All Programs from the bottom of the map.

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