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Initiative for Analytics and Data Science Standards (IADSS)

Global Professional Standards

As the role of data science and analytics is expanding very rapidly in creating new business
models or changing existing ones, the demand for data science professionals is growing at an
increasing rate. However, almost every company in the industry has a unique way of defining
roles and assigning titles in data analytics related positions which have resulted in a chaotic
market that is confusing to employers, academic and training institutions, and data science

Launched to develop industry standards for data science professionals, through a collaborative
process with businesses, academia, and the data science community, IADSS is an independent
initiative, aiming to present a framework for the knowledge and skills required in data science
and support building measurement and assessment methodologies for analytics and data
science professionals.


Definition & Objective
Copying Down

IADSS Article Published at HDSR

We published an article at Harvard Data Science Review, our first in a series of work to present IADSS Knowledge Framework for Data Science and Analytics and map skills to most common industry roles. Our foundational body of knowledge in this article can support both industry and academia, as a reference in designing data science curricula as well as in developing measurement and assessment tools.

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