Scope: Definition & Objective

The Confusion in the Analytics Market

Definition & Objective




The number of analytics professionals is increasing at a high rate


Number of Kaggle members gives insight about the rapid increase in the number of analytics professionals





Estimated analytics audience on LinkedIn platform

A quick keyword search on LinkedIn shows a large number of professionals who define themselves in analytics and data science related spaces...


Top 100 LinkedIn Data Science & Analytics Groups Member Base: 2.3 M

.. and a multitude of groups with growing memberships

We see that almost every company has a unique way of defining roles related to data analytics and big data technology

Looking at actual job postings related to analytics and data science departments & teams, we see that even the companies in the same industry have very different role definitions of and expectations from the same job title

It gets even more confusing when we look at the same job title across industries, creating confusion in the market

Setting industry standards for data science and analytics related roles would support the healthy growth of the analytics market

IADSS will provide meaningful contribution to this standards issue by developing a framework to understand the analytics and data science profession landscape …

… with involvement of all related parties from industry, academic world and service providers

  • Research initiative will focus on existing and emerging data science & analytics related roles within organizations, job requirements for such roles and corresponding skill-sets.

  • IADSS will then analyze and group findings to create a standardized list of data science & analytics roles along with career paths and profiles/skills of professionals to fulfill the requirements of these roles

  • IADSS will rely on the expertise of academicians and industry experts to ensure defined standards are academically sound and rooted in industry realities for the analytics market

  • This will be an ongoing initiative, continuously updated standards according to industry dynamics and emerging topics in data science and analytics

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